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Moon Hill Sports Equipment Co., Ltd. is located at Guangzhou Science City. Guangzhou Science City is a modern science park in Guangzhou whose construction is still ongoing. It is located on the edge of the scenic Baiyun Mountain Ecological Protection Zone, with Huangpu to the east, Baiyun to the north, the Pearl River to the south, and the new center of Guangzhou - the Pearl River New City to the west, which is a knowledge dense area in Guangzhou. As a strong booster to the science and technology development in Guangzhou, the Guangzhou Science City has a planning area of 3,774 hectares. Based on high-tech manufacturing, it is intended to become an ecological high-tech park with sound soft and hard environments for investments and starting up new businesses. It is an important base for the development of information industry, biomedical industry, new materials industry, new energy and environmental protection industry in Guangzhou.

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Rock Climbing, Rock Climbing [1]) movement have ballet "Rock", "cliff of rhythmic gymnastics" laudatory name, derived by the mountaineering, full of strong technical, risk-taking, is an important project of extreme sports, it is very popular in the world.

Rock climbing is a sport derived from mountaineering. Originated in the former Soviet union in the 1950s, it exists in the military as a military training program. It was included in the world competition in 1974. In the 1980s, the modern competitive climbing competition of difficult climbing began to rise and aroused wide interest. In 1985, the first difficult climbing competition was held in Italy.

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